Handmade Warmth

A few weeks ago I asked a few friends if they would be willing to wear a few of my scarves for a photo shoot. Thankfully they were all willing and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I’ve posted about 20 photos below taken by the incredibly talented Taylor Tupy from Taylor Tupy Photography. A good friend put us in touch and I absolutely love his work – I  knew he would be a great fit in capturing my brand. Once the photographer and models were set I started to think about how I wanted the actual set to look.

My friend Jake lives on a lake and about a month ago him and a few friends built an igloo on the lake complete with a fire pit, couches, benches, and a wooden door.  It was then I contacted Wynne Reese because I love her vision and knew she would help in making the day complete. Wynne and I packed our vehicles full of props, clothes, and other accessories for the day and made our way out to Prior Lake. While Taylor and I got to work in outfitting the models, Wynne worked on setting up décor at the ice bar, around the igloo, and interior decorating the inside of the igloo (only in Minnesota..!). The results of her design and décor were phenomenal and I absolutely love what she did! I cant thank Jake,  Taylor, his assistants Carli and Hai, Wynne, and all of my wonderful friends for taking time out of their day to make this vision come to life. I’ve posted their instagram handles below each photo so feel free to click on the names and follow along if you’d like! I’ve also attached a “PIN” button to each photo. Don’t forget to ‘pin’ any photos you like to your pinterest boards!

Photography by Taylor Tupy @Taylortupy http://taylortupy.com/